The Approach: All Round Development

Holistic Education

We at Shyama Devi Public School follows an approach that focuses on quality education and allows children to develop and grow in a school environment that is supportive and at the same time challenging. We nurture our students to become confident, have high self-esteem and willing to strive forward out of a profound sense of responsibility towards society. We believe that Shyama Devi Public School is a place where children of different abilities develop, learn and grow together.

Whether it is a lesson in the sciences, language or humanities, at Shyama Devi Public School, the focus will always be to help students connect all three components and achieve holistic comprehension of the world around them. The thrust will therefore not end at academic excellence, but go beyond, towards heightened awareness and sensitivity towards their world.

To facilitate this all-round development, we will initiate and encourage participation from every child in multi-cultural and social activities alongside regular classes and curricular.

  • Cultural Activities

    We make sure our students are exposed to various cultures, whether within the country or other nationalities. We carry out this promise through participation in various student forums such as oratory competitions, dance and music competitions, fairs and other platforms.


  • Western &Classical Dance instruction

    Dance is the most liberating form of artistic expression for any child. To be able to do it well through training at school is an opportunity we at Shyama Devi Public School exclusively offers our child.


  • Music instruction - Vocal & Instrumental (Tabla, Keyboard, Drums)

    Whether it is an in-tune voice, adept fingers or an excellent sense of rhythm, the music room at Shyama Devi Public School is a chance for your child to learn music in a motivating atmosphere by qualified faculty.


  • Sports facilities – Indoor & Outdoor

    The sharp acumen of a chess player or the agility of an athlete – we help your child perfect their sporting abilities here at Shyama Devi Public School.


  • Social Activities

    Our ultimate goal is to inculcate in our students a truly universal approach towards leading a fulfilling existence. Towards this aim, we encourage our students to actively think about the community and the environment through awareness activities such as tree plantation drives and helping the aged, differently abled and the poor.


  • Educational Tours and Excursions

    We at Shyama Devi Public School arranges every year educational tours for various places of historical and cultural importance.


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