From the Principal's desk...

A student today is a potential leader of tomorrow. To endow her or him with knowledge and necessary life skills and polish the innate abilities that she or he is born with is a responsibility we take seriously at Shyama Devi Public School. We deem it to be our highest priority to contextualize her/his intellectual sense so she/he may put it to the best use in every situation that life may confront him with.

To equip our students thus, we at Shyama Devi Public School takes the approach of practical teaching that goes a long way not only in their memory but also understanding and the application of their learning. For this very reason, we have in place processes through which trained teachers use scientific child-centered teaching approaches. In addition, our well-managed classrooms and skillful assessment facilitate learning and reduce disparities. The outcome: knowledge, skills, and attitudes,
which are positively linked to national goals for education and positive participation in society.

To all the anxious parents who seek the best possible education for their wards, I hope our beliefs, ethos, and infrastructure, apart from our promise of quality learning, provide comfort. And to all the clear slated minds that we receive this year in the young students, we welcome them with open arms and vow to support them and give them the best opportunities so they can grow and flourish into excellent individuals of high dignity.

Warm regards,


The Principal
Shyama Devi Public School

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