• Students must be punctual and regular in attendance. Leave application must be submitted to principal's office or to the class teacher. In case of illness and other unforeseen circumstances, the guardian should inform the principal in writing within two days.
  • Every student must be present on the re-opening day after each vacation.
  • No leave other than medical leave will be sanctioned during the examination. If any student falls ill particularly during the examination, application for the same shall reach principal's office on the very date of following. In case no application can be submitted intimation may be given over the phone and later the application may be submitted mentioning to whom information of illness was given.
  • Attendance is compulsory on National festivals such as the Independence day, Republic day ext. An absence of those days will be punishable.
  • Students are expected to maintain a high standard of good manners, behavior and etiquette. If a child is found involved in any undesired activity or exhibiting an offensive attitude, she/he will be expelled from the school on charges of indiscipline.
  • English speaking is must, students not adhering to this will be fine. Students can be expelled from the school any time if they fail to follow school rules. This is applicable even to the students of class X who are to appear for board examination.
  • Homework in English, Hindi, and Maths is given every day. Guardians are requested to see whether their children complete their homework regularly.
  • The progress of the students is assessed on the basis of monthly, half-yearly, and annual examinations.
  • Promotion is granted on the basis of the entire year's work. The annual examination is meant to confirm the result of the year's work. The decision of the school authorities regarding promotion is final.
  • There will be no examination or re-examination out of the schedule.
  • It is must to obtain min. 40% marks in written papers of each subject besides pass marks in total.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by ensuring that the children observe punctuality and discipline, neat and clean school uniform, prepare their lessons and take active part in the activities of the school
  • Parents should check the school diary and sign the reports recorded by the teachers and homework given.
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to keep themselves in touch with the school to have a clear knowledge of their ward's progress in studies.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers in the classroom or in the staff room. Those who wish to seek information, suggestion or make the complaint about their children's education or other matters may meet the Principal 9.30 to 11.30AM [Only on Tue, Wed, Thu & Sat].
  • School authorities will be responsible for the students only during school hours.
  • If the parents wish that their child shall be handed over to a particular person, then please submit three passport size photographs of the person to whom the ward is to be handed over duly attested by the parents along with an application for the purpose.
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