Development with Responsibility

At Shyama Devi Public School, we encourage a more distributed form of leadership within and across the school. In the entire process, the dispersed, delegated and democratic forms of leadership allow teachers to creatively design courseware so learning is not just comprehensive, but also enjoyable for the students. The school network thus becomes fully responsible and accountable for matters of school life and pupils' development.

Our Mission

Shyama Devi Public School provides an environment conducive to discovery and realization of every student's full potential. The school attracts and hones the best talent - students, teachers, and facilitators - from and around its location, without distinction of race, religion, caste, or social status.

Shyama Devi Public School, as a day school, maintains a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill. In particular, it endeavors to attain the highest academic standards combined with the holistic growth of the pupil.

Our Vision

It is vital to validate and measure the development of every child at Shyama Devi Public School. In providing our students with an affordable learning atmosphere, we make no compromises on its comprehensive nature. We aim to train our students to become bright world citizens who will:

  • distinguish between good and evil
  • choose good over evil
  • think logically
  • acquire wide general knowledge of important facts about the world in which we reside
  • express themselves clearly, in speech or in writing, in the language or languages of his colleagues
  • be healthy, and strong
  • develop sensitivity towards the beauty of the heart and mind
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